Surah Nas Transliteration Full with Meaning in Arabic, English

Surah Nas Transliteration: Surah Nas is one of the most significant surahs in the Quran, comprising 114 verses that address various qualities associated with Allah Almighty. Allah is Lord of all things, and our duty as believers is to respect his power and only offer worship that honors him.

Surah Al Nas taught us that Allah alone protects Iblees (Satan) and his devilish aid, Lucifer.

Surah Nas Transliteration

As part of our duty, we must ask Allah to protect us from the deeds of Satan since his plans can be unpredictable and we don’t see him directly; thus allowing him to act as our protector against doing wrong deeds. Allah is truly our true shield in this regard.

So, brothers and sisters, we will provide you with complete information about Surah Nas along with Surah Nas transliteration, meaning, benefits, etc.

What is Surah Nas?

What is Surah Nas?

Naas Surah plays an integral part in Muslim lives as it establishes our connection to Allah who is our Lord and Master.

Satan may attempt to tempt us away from following our God-ordained path. Still, Allah alone can protect our hearts against his evil schemes throughout each day, both spiritually and physically.

Surah represents peace and serenity for Muslims worldwide.

Abdullah Ibn Khubayb reported: The Prophet (peace and blessings upon him), when Abdullah asked what to say, told them to speak out: he replied that one should say: Allah is One and that you should say He is Allah (112:1) in addition to reciting al-Falaq and Al-Nas three times daily as protection – these chapters would protect from anything that comes your way – according to Sunan Al Tirmidhi.

Surah al Nas was first discovered by Mecca at nightfall. Others claim it was announced by Madina on the seventh day of Hijra month.

According to Sayyiduna Hasan Basri’s Ikrimah, Ata, and Jabir Bin Zaid claimed they believed this Surah was made public in Makkah.

Ibn S’ad, Imam Baihaqi, and other people believe that Surahs were revealed on the seventh day of Haijra.

Surah Nas was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon his soul) during a period when his health had become impaired and when he began experiencing hallucinations, according to Aisha (may Allah bless her). This incident did not hinder or diminish the Holy Prophet’s role as Prophet; his role remained undisrupted by it.

Surah Nas in Arabic

Surah Nas in Arabic

If you want to know Surah Nas in Arabic Language, then here it is:

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ النَّاسِ

مَلِكِ النَّاسِ

إِلَٰهِ النَّاسِ

مِن شَرِّ الْوَسْوَاسِ الْخَنَّاسِ

الَّذِي يُوَسْوِسُ فِي صُدُورِ النَّاسِ

مِنَ الْجِنَّةِ وَالنَّاسِ

Surah Nas Transliteration

Surah Nas Transliteration

Some so many people don’t know the Arabic language and that’s why they are looking for a surah Nas transliteration. If you are also one of them then below they are going to provide you with surah nas transliteration in the English language.

Bismillah Hir-Rahma Nir-Rahim

Qull Aa’udhu Birabbinnaas



Min Sharrill Waswasill Khannaas

Allahzi yuwaswisu fi Sudurinnaas

Minall Jinnati Wannaas

Surah Nas Transliteration Meaning

Surah Nas Transliteration Meaning

If you want to know the meaning of Surah NAS in English then here it is:

  • This prayer is invoking Allah Al-Wathiq for help and mercy.
  • Declare, “I seek shelter in the Lord God of humanity.
  • The Supreme Ruler of the Universe.
  • Creator of All Mankind
  • The perils of a whisperer who retreats
  • Who speaks directly to humanity’s hearts.
  • At home in both Jinn and society.

Benefits of Surah Nas

Benefits of Surah Nas

Every Surah has its own merits and if you want to know the benefits of Surah NAS then here are some of the basic benefits that will help you to understand their benefits in our day-to-day life: 

  • If you recite this Surah daily then you will be cured of all the disease, serious illness, and anxiety. 
  • Reciting Surah NAS will help you to get rid of black magic. 
  • This will help you to take care of the jealous people who are jealous of your lifestyle, friends, and family. 
  • After reciting the surah nas daily you will also get rid of the evil eye. 
  • Reciting this Surah will help you to Stay away from danger. 
  • It will help you to stay motivated in your life and get rid of all the negative thoughts.


Q. What does Surah An-Nas protect you from?

Ans. Reciting Surah NAS will help you to protect yourself from the evil eye.

Q. Which Prophet was revealed to Surah Nas?

Ans. Surah NAS was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Q. What is the story behind Surah Nas?

Ans. When the Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam was having black magic on him then at that time Surah NAS was given by The Almighty Allah To The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Q. Is Surah Nas a makki or madni?

Ans. Surah NAS is a Makki because it was launched in Mecca by our Prophet Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.


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